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Is surfing hard? Indeed, surfing can be challenging. It is possible that, when you are just getting started, it will appear to be an impossible task for you to complete. However, does it have to be in such a manner? What are some ways that you could make your surfing experience easier and more enjoyable for yourself?

There are definitely appropriate and inappropriate ways to learn how to surf, regardless of whether you want to travel the world in search of the ideal wave or you just want something to do at the beach where you live. Before you grab a surfboard and head out to the water to start learning how to surf, read my top tips first if you want the experience to be one that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

For what reason is surfing hard and more challenging than other sports?

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There are a number of reasons for this, the most significant of which is that the majority of sporting events take place on fixed playing fields. When you learn to surf, however, you’ll quickly become aware that the ocean’s surface is constantly changing, and that each wave is unique from the last. This is something you’ll notice very quickly.

The wind, the weather, and the tides all play a role in the ever-shifting conditions of the surf. Experienced surfers put in lots of time learning to read the waves and anticipate their movements. This necessitates a degree of spontaneity in their surfing, rather than a predetermined strategy.

Why is Surfing so Difficult?

is surfing challenging

They are able to do this because, over the course of thousands of rides, their muscles have developed the ability to respond to the shape and texture of the wave face in a manner that is nearly automatic.

When you are first getting started with surfing, you do not have the benefit of those years of conditioned response that have been honed in on a variety of waves and weather conditions. Beginner surfers are required to pay attention to what is going on in front of them and make an intentional and thoughtful decision about how they will attempt to react to whatever is happening in front of them. This is the single most important factor that contributes to surfing’s extremely steep learning curve, and it is also the factor that makes surfing so enjoyable.

The other problem is that surfing is a sport that is inherently difficult because it consists of multiple steps that must be completed before a ride can be completed successfully. To begin, you will need to paddle out into position for the wave, which will frequently require you to duck dive under other breaking waves along the way. After that, you must select a wave and begin vigorously paddling in exactly the right place to catch it. After that, you must stand up, which is the most challenging part for beginner surfers, and get your balance set well enough to ride the wave.

3 Useful Tips for People Who Are Just Starting Out in the Sport of Surfing

Go Big

I am referring, of course, to your first beginner surfboard and not to your very first wave when I say this. A large board that has plenty of buoyancy will assist you in learning how to catch waves and will provide sufficient stability for a beginner to begin the process of learning how to balance while moving.

Foam surfboards have a deck surface that is softer compared to traditional surfboards, and as a result, they are fantastic for reducing the chances of injury when you fall (which you will do in the beginning, a lot!). Traditional surfboards have a deck surface that is harder than that of foam surfboards. It is strongly suggested that you start out with a foam surfboard if you are just getting started learning how to surf for the first time.

Go Slow

One of the most typical blunders made by novice surfers is the tendency to rush. This can manifest as a hasty attempt to stand up on the board or as an attempt to surf whitewater instead of clean waves. Finding your balance quickly and while you are still within your comfort zone is really important if you want to have a fun time learning to surf and if you want to have a successful surfing experience overall.

Take your time and surf the whitewater waves that are broken up. When compared to the gradient of the face of a wave, the forwards momentum of stand-up paddle boarding on flat water makes it much simpler to practice popping up onto the board once you are standing. Paddle to get in front of the wave, then take a moment with your hands in the proper position (under your chest) to compose yourself before pushing yourself up and moving into a standing position. The acquisition of this crucial ability at a rapid pace while riding the crest of a wave will take time and practice.

Go Pro

Taking a few surf lessons from a trained instructor is simply not something that can be replaced by anything else. Although it may be a fun and inexpensive activity, paddling around at the beach with your companions and getting advice from the more knowledgeable surfers in the group is not a suitable replacement for learning to surf from a qualified instructor. As is the case with a lot of different kinds of sports, the best surfers do not automatically make the best surf instructors.

Instructors of surfing have received specialized training in how to instruct novice surfers. This training entails learning how to demonstrate and clearly explain all of the essential techniques and strategies for beginning surfers. Right from the beginning of your journey into surfing, they will know exactly how to provide you with a surf training that is risk-free, enjoyable, and rewarding. You should start by taking surfing lessons from a qualified instructor, and then you can show off your newly acquired wave riding skills to your friends.


Learning to surf is not an easy sport to get into, but once you master it, you can look forwards to a very satisfying experience. Catching waves in the ocean is a unique and unforgettable experience that can’t be compared to anything else. You will have an easier time learning how to surf if you follow the advice that has been given to you above. In addition, if you know what you’re doing, your first experiences in the world of surfing will be significantly more enjoyable.


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